Abalation Using the HALO360 System Page

Removal of the Barrett’s epithelium with the HALO360 System is an outpatient procedure that takes place in an endoscopic suite or operation room within a hospital.

Using standard endoscopic techniques under conscious sedation, the HALO360 System facilitates rapid ablation of long and short segments of Barrett’s in two simple steps:


Identify the anatomic landmarks and length of the Barrett’s epithelium by esophagoscopy. Use the HALO360 Sizing Balloon to measure the inner diameter of the esophagus and select the appropriately sized ablation catheter.


Deploy the HALO360+ Ablation Catheter. The catheter circumferentially ablates a 360 degrees, 3 cm circumferential segment of Barrett’s epithelium in less than 1 second.


A uniformly ablated epithelium. Consistent ablation depth of less than 1 mm avoids damage to the underlying tissue layers.